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LVT provides the look of a wood or stone floor, but provides many more practical benefits.

The vinyl is available in a range of shapes, sizes and effects, helping to create an amazing looking floor in the home, without many of the drawbacks of natural products.

One of the many benifits is LVT is far more durable than real wood and can withstand the general wear and tear of daily life.

Here are three other benifits:

  • LVT is waterproof, so it’s great for mopping up spilt liquids and perfect for bath times.
  • LVT is warmer underfoot than real wood or stone.
  • LVT is perfect for use with underfloor heating.
karndean knight tile
karndean knight tile
Vinyl flooring bristol, image of LUXURY VINYL TILE INSTALLATION


LVT requires a properly prepared subfloor because the slightest lump and bump will show through to the finished surface.

At Rome Flooring, our evaluation and quote will include recommendations for bringing your existing subfloor up to the standard required for the installation of vinyl tiles.

When we are fitting vinyl on a floor with chipboard or wooden floorboards, we inspect to see if the floors are ‘peaking’ (raised joints caused by historical movement).

If peaking has occured, we run the planing machine over the affected area to flatten to a suitable condition in preparation for the installation of high quality flooring grade plywood to the surface.

Finally the subfloor is coated with a primer and latex or with feather finish micro screed.

Concrete subfloors need a coat of specialised screed before installing LVT because the glues used for LVT are not designed to go straight onto concrete.

Before and After Vinyl Floor Installation


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